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Our Mission

Sparking the flame of critical thinking and empowerment among individuals, Independent Thought & Social Action  (ITSA International) is an education reform organization targeted towards changing traditional, authoritarian education systems focused on rote memorization to become increasingly progressive and inquiry-based. We work with children and young adults to help them convert their ideas into action through community-based social action ventures. We work with teachers and parents to revolutionize curriculum through progressive teaching methods and a focus on teaching students 21st century skills.

ITSA has worked with over 15,000 students, 3000 teachers, 6000 parents and over 100 schools and non profits in many different countries since its founding in 2010.

ITSA Around the World

Donate to ITSA to support our work with youth! Use the button below. All donations go into providing small grants for youth to create their own social action community-based projects!

We would like to thank our generous sponsors!

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