Faculty Fellowship

06 April, 2015 Fellowships

The ITSA Faculty Fellowship is an opportunity for educators to develop their pedagogical skills by incorporating inquiry-based learning in their curricula.
Faculty Fellows will collaborate with our team to develop curricula that will be implemented at our partner institutions across the world. We are looking for middle school and secondary school educators who are passionate about teaching social justice and developing critical-thinking skills in their students. Faculty Fellows will design and carry out workshops utilizing the lens of social justice issues, such as human rights, environmental issues, and global poverty, to challenge students to think critically and take action in making the world a better place.

Faculty Fellows will receive specialized training and orientation in the first week of the Fellowship. Fellows will be given the opportunity to form working partnerships with each other and ITSA staff to develop curricula and implement the workshops throughout the program.

Program Details:

  • Program Dates: July 1 – August 4
  • Stipend: Depends on the fellow experience, commitment and involvement.

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Professional Development

Learn progressive teaching methods in a new and challenging environment


Student Empowerment

Empower students through interactive projects and discussions


Education Reform

Introduce dynamic teaching methods


Lifelong Connections

Develop relationships with your host family and ITSA staff

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