ITSApreneur Workshops

06 April, 2015 Workshops

The ITSApreneur Workshop is an opportunity for high school students to hone their leadership skills while exploring social action opportunities in their community and around the world.

As a Workshop participant, high school students have an opportunity for intellectual discovery and empowerment through biweekly sessions that push students to engage in critical thinking, analytical writing, peer discussion, and a long-term social action project.

The ITSApreneur Workshop Series features:

  • Independent Thought Workshops: Students spend five weeks completing ITSA’s Experiential Social Action Workshops. The Workshops emphasize critical thinking through activities that probe social issues and identity.


  • Social Action Project Development: Students develop a social action project that they home to see applied to their community. Exceptional projects will receive organizational support and funding for implementation.

Program Details

  • When:
    • Date: The Workshop Series will run from June 4 – August 3


“It’s like we have actual freedom of speech here” ~Priya, ITSApreneur Workshop Participant

“You brought debate to our dinner table” ~Ms. Patel, Participant’s Parent

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Cultural Immersion

Experience Indian Culture first hand


Indian Teaching Methods

Explore and apply culturally relevant teaching methods


International Connections

Develop relationships with peers and mentors from across the world


Global Perspective

Work with local leaders and NGOs and explore the forces of globalization

Independent Thought & Social Action International (ITSA International) is an internationally recognized, youth-led organization aimed at creating socially responsible youth leaders through fostering critical thinking skills and action on issues of social justice.