Faculty Fellowship FAQ

What is ITSA?

Independent Thought and Social Action (ITSA) International is an internationally recognized, award-winning non-profit organization that works toward creating socially responsible youth leaders through development of critical thinking and social action initiatives.


Who are you looking for to be Faculty Fellows?

We are looking for experienced and passionate secondary school teachers in Ahmedabad who have an interest in teaching for social justice and developing students’ critical thinking skills.


What will my responsibilities be as a Faculty Fellow?

Faculty Fellows will serve as mentors and partners in the Workshop Series that will be taught to high school youth on various social issues. These teams will design and carry out workshops utilizing the lens of social justice issues, such as human rights, environmental issues, and global poverty, to challenge students to think critically and take action in making the world a better place.


What are the dates of the Faculty Fellowship program?

The program dates are July 1st – August 4th


How do I apply to be a Faculty Fellow?

To apply for the Faculty Fellowship program, you must fill out an online application found on ITSA’s website, http://ITSAinternational.org. In addition, you must send us your resumé. Resumés, questions and concerns should be emailed to fellowship@itsainternational.org.


Why do you mention “workshop facilitation” and not “teaching”?

“Teaching” implies that knowledge is being transferred in one direction: teacher to student. However, ITSA truly believes that the workshops are a learning experience for not only the participants but our fellows as well. As they “facilitate” a workshop, ITSA hopes our interns will challenge their own thoughts and assumptions just as much as they challenge the participants’.


What type of preparation will I receive if I become a Faculty Fellow?

You will participate in orientation and training with ITSA interns and staff at the beginning of the program.

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