Our Results

ITSA has had a tremendous international impact since its founding. We offer a diverse portfolio ofprograms, work in several countries across the world, and have proven results. Today, ITSA has graduated over 20,000 participants and operated in 19 cities. ITSA has also had measured success in its programs, with 95% of participants feeling empowered to make change after working with ITSA. Further, 65% of participants go on to engage in social action projects in the future. We are incrediblyproud of the growth and success of ITSA, and we thank all of our participants, volunteers, donors, andpartner organizations for their support.



“For the first time I feel like I have the freedom to make real change. I realize that I have a voice and I must use it.”
-Riya, ITSA Workshop Participant

“I firmly believe that real learning takes place when I help my students create knowledge.”
-Seema, Educator Workshop Participant

“I know I cannot be here forever because I have to leave for college next year, so I want my students to take over the teaching of new students. I want to empower the older students to tutor the younger ones.”
-Hetvi, ITSApreneur speaking about the sustainability of her tutoring project

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