Student Summer Immersion FAQs

Is there a way to contact previous participants of ITSA’s programs?

Yes! Absolutely, let us know and we can connect you with students from last year.


How can the participants be contacted whilst in India?

Students will be provided with cell phones once they arrive and will have access to high- speed Wi-Fi for the duration of their stay. Parents will also be given cell phone and emergency contact numbers of all the coordinators.


Which city will the students be in?

The city we will work in is Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, the famous Mahatma Gandhi’s home during the Indian freedom struggle. Interns will experience beautiful Indian culture, the delicious food, gorgeous monsoons, bustling markets, majestic forts, temples, palaces and all of the magic that makes India unique.


Where will students be housed?

Students will be housed by warm and loving host families as they gain an authentic immersion into Indian culture. Three warm meals will be provided, and air conditioning will be available wherever possible. Students will fly into and out of Ahmedabad’s SVP International Airport.


According to Google, Ahmedabad’s monsoon season starts in late June and continues through August. Will monsoon season interfere with travel and any outdoor plans?

Yes, the monsoons start in June, but that is one of the best parts of India and we are glad we will have interns at that specific time. It is a part of India not too many tourists get to see, but it is something unique and not to be missed. The monsoons are absolutely gorgeous, the smell, the breeze, everything! They shouldn’t interfere much with outdoor plans. We may have to adjust the itinerary a couple of days as we get closer to the dates, but overall, despite the monsoon, plans should run smoothly.


What happens if a student gets sick?

If an intern gets sick, we have partnerships that ensure we have medical services available 24/7. We have partnerships with doctors and various hospital in Ahmedabad.  Ahmedabad also has an emergency ambulance and medical services

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